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Lineman Schools?
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    Default Lineman Schools?

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    hey does anybody know of any schools in colorado that have the lineman program???

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    Mesa State and Trinidad State according to

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    Default One of the Best Lineman schools in the Nation!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PA BEN View Post
    Went to school with a few guys from Colorado, both ended up at Colorado springs utilities!!!, We all attended Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska!!!
    Go online to and check out the program. It's a two year program, hands on, with a 12week summer intern at a power company of your choosing!! Some of the classes are, math, Basic electricity I @ II , BE lab,
    climbing, transformer theory (all hands on, not just classroom), computer labs, not to mention instuctors that have 25yrs + in the industry!!!
    best time of my life, Fits in perfect with Dennis Merchant Program!
    good luck!!!

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