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    How are the interviews with PG&E?
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    Quote Originally Posted by linemanewbie View Post
    How are the interviews with PG&E?
    By BAMF123,

    I can give a little insight on the interview since there isnt much info posted on here about it.

    There will be two reps interviewing you. I forget their position within the company.

    They use this odd "S.T.A.R." interview method. I forget exactly how it went but it was something like this.

    STAR stands for the following...

    S - Situation

    T - I forget

    A- Action

    R - Result

    They begin with asking regular questions. What tools are you familure with, ect. But they actually dont go very far with asking you about previous work experience. What they do is they ask you about certain sitiuations you've been put in and you have to answer using their "Star" process. You begin telling them the "Situation" and end with the "Result". Before the interview you are informed that they dont want to hear "I would of...." they want to hear "I did....". It was a pretty unique interview. But remember, your not going to be given a chance to talk up your skills. They will have your resume for that. In the end they will ask if you have any questions for them then they will tell you that you will hear something within a couple weeks.

    As far as the ALP testing, going into it I was mostly worried about letting something slip out of my hands because thats grounds for failure. It didnt happen and things went a lot smoother than what I figured.

    A lot of people were using their practices on the "following direction" course (and regreting it). I didnt use any practices because I was so determined that it would look better during interview time than if I was unsure of myself and practiced. If I would have changed anything I would have done the "following direction" course first. I did it last and it was nerve wracking waiting for my turn and watching everyone screw up before me (I waited 20-30 minutes)

    It was all easy stuff.

    Hope that helps. If I think of anything else I will come back and post it. It would of been nice to have this info going into the ALP and interview so there you go.


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    does anyone know the requirements for the background check check if your selected. i have a felony from 15 years ago and if they don't hire anyone with a record i'm scared i might be wasting money and resources.

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    Well first of all its task in the star method and you may not get an interviewer that has been a lineman, which was harder for other people. Make sure you have a great attitude. The memory test should be very easy cause you have a minute if them telling you where everything goes. You should be good on your felony. I had a dui where my probation ended on July 6th and my start date was July, 25th.