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    just a thought

    Have you thought of a camper to stay in. I know its a bit different in the winter but I do know that if you prep it right like skirting the underside It helps a lot on the heat loss. You have your...
  2. Thread: Quiet

    by lineman1234


    I miss the storms. You will keep coming back until we release you. And then the old, go home and pack a bag. We are sending you to another state.
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    trouble shooting

    I did 24 years for a big company in New Hampshire on the crew side.. Then 8 years shooting trouble for a big company in PA. In PA they had a lot of delta primary and seconderies that ran on for 3...
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    Congrats on your change. I retired 2 years ago at age 53 with 32 years in. I started at age 22. I kinda miss it but they just kept making the job suck, more every year. A lot of companies have...
  5. 32 yrs

    32 years of 600-1600 paid overtime hours is a lot of experience, and money. MY first 3 years were 2,000 or more overtime paid hours per year We would all jokey for the work all night and get paid...
  6. 32 yrs means not 2 much

    Overtime is learning time.
    The more one works the more one should learn.
  7. Yes

    Yes from my 32 years
    Or get into a good company that will train a person.
  8. sorry my point is/was

    Sorry my point is was that by going to a line school I was taught by a great man that could climb a pole and pretty much hit his hook marks on the way down. He taught all the hard things one doesent...
  9. diferent states and companies all their own ways.

    I went to a line school/tech school in 1985-86 It was the only way to get a gob for an outsider. I ended up moving from MN to NH. In NH it was all on the job training and taking a few tests from...
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    a few points to think about

    I shot trouble alone for a company for 8 yrs. When I started their was 4 of us working alone. One guy on in day. and 2 at night. We had rotating shifts. on weekend off every 4 weeks.. Then went to...
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    I quit 2 years ago at age 53 with 32 yrears in the bucket and on the pole and urd. I don't have kids or a wife. so its easy for one person. Sock money away and when the calculator sais you can quit...
  12. ssme

    Good for you. for being retired like myself.
    a dispatcher being 60 miles away. its easy to say just give it a poke.
    as someone is going to work in the morning with a wire on the car and...
  13. i agree

    Im new hear. I agree. its not safe to close in on a 90% dead fault. BUT. working for a large company in PA as a trouble man working alone. I always had to give it a POKE. overhead...
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    Sticky: INGONEAR JOKE. my teacher wouldnt call them by the right name

    Three people sentenced to death by the guillotine, (a priest ) ( a lawyer ) (and an engineer )
    He takes the priest and lays him down and puts the hood over his head and positions the basket and...
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    Hi, im new to the sight and have a couple traveling questions...

    A little about my experience then a couple questions..
    I worked for 2 different investor owened utilities 24 yrs in NH and 8 yrs in PA I went to line school in 1985 in MN.
    I sold every thing...
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