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    A couple of points I agree jibs are not meant for side pulls. The lifting capacity of a jib is not based on how much jib is out, but how far away the centre line it is away from the drum. As far as using MHAD that is all we buy in double buckets, but I feel a young guy should be able to do the work off the pole before he gets in the bucket.

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    When I was coming up,it wasnt unusual to have a foreman pull up on a jobsite....lets say your a two man crew,he would see you pulling a squirt boom up into a yard to get to a pole...and stop everything and tell the head that the young apprentice needs to climb the pole....leaving the truck back on the street........the old hard headed guys wouldnt like the jibs we have today.....some would insist you learn to use blocks and bull-line.....its just the way it was,they didnt like these jobs to be easy.

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    The problem I am seeing is a lot of the young fellas are not learning how to rig equipment to get a job done. It would be really good to keep them away from the jibs and winches until they learned to use blocks and pulleys. For example , how many younger guys could set a rear lot pole without a machine of any kind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob8210 View Post
    The problem I am seeing is a lot of the young fellas are not learning how to rig equipment to get a job done. It would be really good to keep them away from the jibs and winches until they learned to use blocks and pulleys. For example , how many younger guys could set a rear lot pole without a machine of any kind?
    I'm in total agreement! The apes should learn the way we had to, in the tools, then progress from there. The problem where I'm at is the utility wants production, production, production, and training and safety take a back seat!!!
    "It is not the critic who counts:The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena" Teddy Roosevelt

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    Default I dont think I ever seen a bucket til I was 5th step.

    I did everything out of hooks for two years before I ever saw a bucket. The lineman was always in the bucket. Built a lot of subt with underbuild. We use to clip and soft side in hooks never in a bucket. Even the foreman would clip in his tools. And the oldest guy would be in the bucket. If there were a five or 6 man crew, the grunt woyld lay out the ties and the connectors for the static or neutral at every pole. And we would compete who could get the most. It was fun. Miss it. Learning to rig with hooks is how you learn. Putting an aprentice in a bucket right off will make another ****ty lineman and we have enough of those.

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    I cant stand people in this trade who arent lineman deep down. There are a lot of "lineman" in this work because they know and work just enough to get by. They dont go above and beyond. they dont push their selfs. They dont take pride in working 40hrs stright... or take pride in being their brotherskeeper, all they do is belly ache. I work with a couple of guys evertime a pole needs climbed seems like all a sudden they cant be found. I ALWAYS offer and tell my seniors that "i got it" for them. But when i know they are serious and want to work it, I dont push the matter. I say ok, I got the next one then. Funny story.... Im a few steps from being topped out. Was shootn trouble with a young lineman the other night. Had a bad hot tap that had to climb to change out with a shotgun. I was proud of him.. right a way he stepped up and said "i got this ill climb" i told him its all good... ill get it. the pole was shelled out and he is still learning the ins and outs of the shotgun. it needed done quick. after all day, all night, all day, all night fighting storms... we went home to rest. got called back out the next evening to shoot trouble again. same guy running with me. at about 4am got a call ground on service burned from open wire sec. guess what? cant get bucket to it. right a way he steps up. you climbed last "I got this one" he said. this kid is funny cat. he's really laid back, chill and quite as hell. but you can tell when he is nervous because he sings when he's nervous. Lets just say he sang a lot. Lol He did a **** good job and i was proud of him. Its all about taking care of each other. You get this one, I'll get the next.

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    Thats kind of funny....Ive ran into many who sing,some would whistle....had a foreman that would whistle all day long,that got old......knew a guy that couldnt work whenever the foreman showed up........this guy would get a headace the second the foreman drove up.........another thing Ive noticed is guys that are good lineman.....go to other places,other areas,other contractors.....lay really low until they get used to the new places and people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hebrew View Post
    I work trouble,we work in pairs.I am 48 and still climb.Had a lights flickering and it stayed with the dispatcher until I got to work.Complaint came in the night before,I started at 2pm.Pole off the road,truck had no access.Shift before me say they were told not to climb,one guy is 58.How do you guy determine when you had enough,do you decide on your own,do you have an age that you stop at that management determines?I do not feel good climbing a pole in the back and a guy on the ground with some clean work boots on.Your thoughts.

    I quit 2 years ago at age 53 with 32 yrears in the bucket and on the pole and urd. I don't have kids or a wife. so its easy for one person. Sock money away and when the calculator sais you can quit you can
    Big companys don't know what to do with a person that isn't hungry for overtime anymore.
    I shot trouble alone for 8 years. It got so bad because they just kept dumping more and more on one person. I couldn't climb alone but ANY job one would say needs 2 people would be checked out to make sure.
    Its a long story the day I quit,, but its a great one. If anyone wants to hear just send me a note

    I do think about finding small jobs to keep the skills up.

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