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    Post Ful Set of Climbing Gear For sale

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    Full Set of Pole Climbing Gear/Tools - $1400 (Denton)
    All tools and gear were used for around 5 or 6 months tops. I got hurt on the job last November and recently found out I will probably not be doing much climbing any time soon. Bought all equipment brand new and everything is in perfect working order.

    I would like to get around $1350 for all plus shipping, paid about double that to get all items new. Feel free to email/call/text for any more information or pictures.
    individually if necessary.

    Although I priced the items in a group because that is how I bought them, I would be willing to split them up

    Buckingham "Stacked-D" Body Belt: size 23.
    -Smaller D ring stacked on top of the main ones, designed for use with the supersqueeze system. Super light and comfortable. Also have a magnetic bolt bag and tool belt attached.

    Buckingham Supersqueeze Fall arrest system
    -Easily adjusted with one hand while climbing. All ropes and carabiners are in perfect working condition. System works very well with the stacked d belt above.

    one leather and one adjustable rope scare strap/secondary.
    -Rope is a one hand adjustable system just like supersqueeze, and is what I used the most. All carabiners and rope itself in perfect working condition. Leather pole strap is barely used, like new.

    Buckingham titanium contoured shank replacable gaff climbers
    -Only cosmetic damage on these, they work great and are the hooks I learned to climb in.

    Buckingham "Big Buck" wrap pads

    Assorted Hand tools (insulated ratchet, lineman wrench, dog bone, etc)

    Pair of 10" climbing boots

    Contact me via email for more info/pictures/individual prices

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    I'm interested in the hooks, the supersqueeze and the secondary lanyard. Would you be willing to sell them separately? (The belt is too small for me)

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