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    Had to sneak a 45' pole through some switchback on a tight single lane road with cars parked on the sides. We set the butt of the pole on the buckets hitch. Elevated with a short sling, stuck the digger out 4-5 feet (enough to not smash the bumper) picked the head up a foot or so, racked the boom and drove it in somewhat like a rear steer fire truck using both trucks.

    Pretty common, probably been mentioned already, but, pulling high side leads to your cutouts after transformer install. Pull tight to bottom of your cutout, then go 6" past. Snip, snip, skin, skin, form, brap. Dun.

    Same for pulling services to spreaders, except 9"(hang loose). Once you ding your service, pull each phase where it needs to go and measure 9" past point of attachment. Takes the Van Gogh artistic eye out of it. Snip, snip, snip. Dun.

    I found that on 4kv to 16kv cutover (deenergized) double - deadends, no rigging is required. Whether it be a reframe or new pole, leave your 4 skirt polys and shoes in tact. Cut your DA's out and float your 2,3,4 phases. Slap the new set of dubs on, flop your phases on top of the new set, stretch out your 8 skirts and hammer down the new shoes, un-ding old and bam. Dun.

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