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    Default Rejection Email

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    Got a rejection email last week for the transmission groundman for RIALTO. For now, still 'under consideration' for TG for Valencia and Hesperia

    No email about the physical CAST test for the Distribution positions yet

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    Default Waiting for final interview

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    Hey whats up guys!

    so i passed the physical performance test and it wasnt too hard but very stressful for the first test. If the rope slips during the rope pull test, its a fail and you wont be able to continue so be aware of your grip strength. Another thing too is that they give you brand new leather gloves so you dont really have that much traction with the rope so they suggest turning them inside out, dab a little bit of water and rub some dirt on them. I listen to them and performed so much better following what they said. the other 2 tests are pretty easy. just gotta move some crates then fill up some empty buckets of rocks

    Now, im waiting for an email from SCE for a Final Interview. I'll let you guys know whats going on for the ppl that are still reading this thread

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