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  1. Default Physical test at PECO?

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    Hey all,

    I recently passed the written test to be hired on as an apprentice at PECO. I have been asked to come back and take the physical test, and I was wondering if anyone here has done it before and knows what it might consist of. Thanks.

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    Default Potomac electric or philly electric?

    Philly or Potomac or has it been renamed or rebranded for the fifth time by another buy out?

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    Philly. I think it's always been Philadelphia Electric Company. It is owned by Exelon, which also owns ComEd and BGE.

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    Default Just do it and kick ass.

    Learn more than everyone else. Seek to do it better than everyone else. If people are dic hds offer to buy them coffee and wipe your nuts on the sipping lid and pull a few pubes and throw it in the cup. And if they keep on being dics, just put a finger in your ass and stir their coffee the way they like it with your finger of course. When people are dics just remember they have fat ugly wives and probably have no balls at home. That's what's up with their attitude. You might have to resort to this. But there are probably 6 dic hds that had my stool. I know that's bad but this trade is hard enough to have dic hds around!

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    LOL, thanks for your answer. It didn't have much to do with my question, but it was great.

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