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  1. Default What is on the NEAT aptitude test and what are some of the interview questions?

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    I'm currently in the military and have a year left on my enlistment. I looked into the lineman career field and its something I'm interested in. I looked at different avenues and it seems the NEAT program is my best bet. I was wondering what kind of questions are on the NEAT aptitude test and if i pass the aptitude test what are some of the questions they ask during your interview. Also if there is any other information you may have for me id greatly appreciate it.

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    Their website has a practice test, and for the most part everything on the test is on their practice tests. Its just a lot longer and they dont give you a lot of time for each section. Study algebra a lot! Everything else is easy. The interview is with a bunch of Union members on the board. They mosty ask you about your experience, what you think linework entails and why you would be a good fit for the job. Think of a bunch of questions to ask them, they like that. Like, how the boot camp works how the schooling is and steps of pay etc. The written test gets you an interview, the interview and expericence is scored and thats where you go on the list for 2 years. Ive been on for just over a year. Goodluck and where are you planning on applying?

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    wow i didnt realize i would have to wait 2 years in order to get into the apprenticeship program. I am from connecticut I was going to go down to the union hall when i go on leave in december and see where i need to apply. I still have a year left in the military so as soon as my orders drop ill deffinatley apply right away.... I seen you said there is a written test, are you talking about the aptitude test or is it a different test. and if its different what does that have to do with? Also i seen somewhere that if i get a job as a groundman prior to taking the class id have a better chance at getting into the school. and if i do get a job as a groundman could i pretty much apply anywhere? Ive tried to do a bunch of research and im just confused on how the process goes. I really appreciate the help!

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    Sorry for the confusion, the aptitude test is the written test I was referring to. The waiting list you get put on is not necessarily two years. They put you on the list and if in two years you dont get called you have to redo the WHOLE process (apply, test, interview). It all depends on the movement in your area for apprentices and your position on the list. From what they told me If you dont get called the first time around you almost certainly do the second, it shows you really want the job, and it gets another 25 dollars out of people hah. You can sign the books as a groundman and work, it definitely wouldn't hurt. Any other questions you have just ask, and good luck! Oh and BTW you can apply online at All you need is a CDL permit I believe.
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    The NEAT aptitude test isn't super difficult. It's all things your average highschool student would know.

    My interview was pretty straight forward just questions about myself and about the things I'd listed on my resume.

    In regards to the process you apply, they have you come for an aptitude test, assuming you pass your aptitude test they send a letter telling you to come interview.

    The panel that interviews you scores your interview 1-100 and they place you on a list that is ranked by how well you scored and when they need people they call the top people on the list. You stay on the list for up to 2 years then your name drops off and you can reapply.

    I applied once and didn't get called in the 2 years they sent me a letter saying my name came off the list and I could reapply. They called me a couple weeks ago and told me to show up for 6 weekends worth of "Boot camp" learning to climb poles, high angle rescue, etc. If you have any additional questions feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

    My apologies for being so long-winded.

    PS: Forgot the most important thing I can tell you. Never be late. If you're on time... you're late.
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