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Thread: steel poles

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    I never even considered...Drillin Steel Poles. We always "Banded" them. Guess you guys need more "Support", than we did. :-)
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    we drill all our steel poles, don't band them. we use a small bit to drill out a pilot hole in each side of the pole then use a unbit to drill out the hole to the proper size. I have seen the magnet drill, but I don't think it goes all the way thru each side, was wandering if there was anything different on the market that drilled thru both side of the pole in one set up, if anybody knows of anything that drills thru both side of the pole in one set up let me know. Thanks for your replies.

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    most distribution steel pole manufactures will pre-drill the pole if supplied with a hole pattern. up to about 100 holes. Once you get the pattern set about 95% of your framing needs will be covered and the framing becomes just a matter of bolting up the hardware.

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    I've used the uni-bit pictured earlier after using a small bit for a pilot hole when drilling steel bracing for lattice towers a couple of times. These were done using a standard duty electric drill with either a 3/8 or 1/2 chuck.

    On one occasion we had to drill one of our steel transmission poles. We used an ancient 1/2 chuck electric drill that seemed to be of a gear reduction type. It was a hell of a strong drill and we started out using small sizes and working up to the final size in two or three steps.

    Each time mentioned we used "cutting fluid" it works much better than wd40 type of stuff
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    We also use Milwaukee hole bit with pilot bit. We have the poles predrilled but there is that one time when you need more holes. Then we have to fill all those holes with plastic plugs to stop them from whistling in the wind and the the sun rots them.

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    We use a Milwaukee mag drill. And we drill em on the ground. I HAD to drill em out because the pole manufacturer didnt get the memo that we had some poles that needed guyed. So they just came with arm holes and PTA holes. Had to drill 40 some odd holes on ONE pole just for guy wires... **** engineers...

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