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    Hi, I have been in linework for almost 2 years now in Texas, I am a C Lineman by my company's standards. I am originally from Oregon and would like to return there ASAP. My latest interview however ended when I was told I didn't have enough hot stick experience. This was for a groundhand position at a Co-op in Oregon. My first question is how am I supposed to get hot stick experience in a glove state? And how important is it to other places, like the NWJATC for example? I am just trying to get a groundhand job up north as I understand my training is much lower than that of the NWJATC's. What can I do to make myself more appealing to employers up there,? My next step is to apply to the NWJATC and I need to know what they like. I moved down here to get experience and to show that I am willing to work hard and do whatever is necessary to get a job, but am I wasting my time if nobody likes my experience for any level position?

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    Go to the union hall closest to where you want to live, sign the books and go out on the first job available. Then start asking anyone from the company you are working for, if you can start an apprenticeship, especially ask the business Rep from the union. You will learn more quicker going this route than going to the school. Good luck

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    if you want to work in Oregon or wa it may be a good idea to work an apprenticeship in those areas bc in my opinion other utilities are not going to put as much emphasis on hot sticking bc we just don't do it as much anymore...sad to see it go but it sure isn't utilized often outside of those states that don't glove over 5kv I think ak is in the same boat

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