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    I have been asked to do a presentation on bucket trucks.

    I am uncomfortable doing this, because I just do not know enough. I do own a bucket truck

    I am looking for somebody to review my safety policy and power point to make sure I am not totally out in left field

    I am not representing myself as any kind of expert, only one of a group of sign companies that has and uses a bucket truck

    I fear a couple of things: 1) I may not be running the safety and compliance issues correctly, 2) I may guide somebody the wrong way

    Can you guide me to somebody who might be willing to take a look and help me get this right or can I post it??

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    Send me a PM and I'll get in touch with you. I've done a lot of training and have some safety training certifications. I'll take a look at what you have to make sure your'e not saying anything you shouldn't
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    Thank you! Can you give me an email to send to? frank at

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    Hi.I can offer my two cents as well.I have some safety training certification and is the trainer for my company.If you like,I can look over what you have and see if i can add anything.Email is

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