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    Default lets try again

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    still tryin!
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    Post International

    Quote Originally Posted by LINETRASH
    still tryin!
    Looks good now.
    We have 2 new International Trucks. A single bucket 4300 and a tandem digger 7300 i believe. They are great trucks especially the 4300 single bucket, it is great to drive around the city and operate, plenty of power for sure. That is a nice rig you have there.

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    I'm getting jealous now. We tend to get lumbered with rather underpowered van or lorry conversions for bucket trucks. Today I had a hired van mount that was so gutless that I made a prat of myself trying to get up on a kerb with it. It decided to skid sideways along the kerb and block traffic a bit instead. I had to put on the yellow beacons and pretend I was doing it deliberately.

    Most interesting access I used was actually the arborists bucket lift from the councils parks department. It was very much an all-terrain vehicle in the style of a large millitary land rover. A very cool looking vehicle.

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    Thumbs up sunset

    Heres that Florida sunshine when us Californians finish with it! (not my best)

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    Thumbs up nice

    hey man, nice pics. see the sunrise on the opening page of powerlineman ? look under beymer-69kv, those are mine also. barry P>S> heres one from today, where i grew up, near redding ca

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    theirs no lock nut on the guy bolt..nice pic..
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    Up this way they are called 'pal nuts'. Throw em in the woods! Great pics! Keep em coming.

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    Default Sagebrush

    Sagebrush nuts ... They are inportant though. I used to toos them but I've been on lines that would have come down without them. The wood shrinks and the nuts back off.

    Sorry, RWD

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    Default River Clyde.

    Last week I was working next to the River Clyde that runs through Glasgow. The work was on either side of a bridge that carries all the railway lines into Glasgow Central station. It's very ornate underneath with lots of big stone arches and pillars, and there seems to be a drainage system that lets the water from the railway above drain down through pipes located centrally between the support arches. this means that there is generally a stream of water falling down between them. Since the sun was shining at a low angle under the arches it made the falling water light up, so I took a picture.

    If anyone wants the full size picture, then email me at and I'll email it back. It makes a superb background for the Windows desktop.
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    man i wished my job site looked this cool!! awsome!

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