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Thread: Temp service

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    lbr is correct...Bren.....once upon a time there was a thing called burglar bars,they were mounted mostly on store windows and doors.They worked well.Now they are useless as the cameras are.Anywhere there is burglar bars theres a good chance as any that the business will be broken into.....the only bars that are halfway safe are the ones in jail or prisons,cause people are not breaking into them yet ....but if I watch the evening news enough Im sure that statement will make me a liar fast.

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    Well it shows everyone does it different. Never have seen a service saver in person; know of them. Guess they come in 15kva/25kva. You install a driven ground rod for one, or what do you do to ground it.

    Also, sounds like some come out and fix the next day or go so far as putting it in some type of enclosure/conduit.

    Reppy nailed it with after a rain is when they start popping up and they come in batches.

    Treat each one different here, mostly just triplex on the ground kind of tucked out of the way using reasonable best judgement.

    I don't know if there is some type of NESC code or NFPA that had any bearing on any of it for the utilities as its a restoration effort/temporary that can dictate how you run it or how long it can be laid out.

    Always made me wonder with how rules regulate handling an energized 240 service with rubber gloves yet the public doesn't.

    Been seeing a lot lately that cooked in the ground so long that it'll end up being crystalized for 10/15 feet.

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    We run temp services all most all the time when dealing with residential service faults. Our temp services come in 50' lengths and can be joined for longer runs. The few times we don't is if the customer is remote and there is no supply we will use a jumper meter or when cold load metered( service goes to main before meter, some older services), but for these we try to locate and repair right away.

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    A couple of places I worked at would use meter base jumpers, except for homes that were electric heat in the winter. Then it was locate ,dig , and repair.

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    I've used the Service Saver, Ekstrom(sp) hubs with service entrance cable(range cable), oh triplex up and over on trees, URD triplex over the ground both in and out of conduit

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