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    Default old style I came up with

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    Hey Reppy! Looks like you found my old bucket I used about 15 years ago!!!!!

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    Before I broke out, ma bell contracted out pole setting where I bell owned the pole so they would replace it. The pole setting truck was identical to that just with a digger attached, complete with rust, hydraulic leaks and frayed wire rope on it. I wanted to throw up every time that guy came around. Once or twice he would be just about catching it in his claws and the worn out wire rope would slip and the pole would get a mind of its own. Helpers would be out there with class 2's that looked like they were had from a flea market along with a 1920 wooden tamp I think swampy left on a job, think it had tesla's signature on it.

    Wasn't too much longer after that some of the concerns were finally heard and I didn't see that ma bell contractor any more.

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    Pittman Hot Stick bucket - late 70's early 80's

    Eligible to retire at anytime when it quits being fun Im gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by harley View Post
    Pittman Hot Stick bucket - late 70's early 80's
    We parked ours next to the Holan Bronco!

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