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  1. Question PG&E Pre-apprentice Phone interview?

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    Hey everyone, here is the situation.

    Graduated from a line school (LATTC, free tuition! ... but no CDL A) on end of August this year.

    I applied for the pre-apprenticeship at PG&E, passed the three tests (WOI, PBT) and now I'm scheduled for a phone screning/interview.

    Did anyone experience similar process? Because I'm reading all the older threads and it seems like previous applicants went straight to physical testing after

    What kind of questions do they ask on the phone interview?
    How should I prepare for this?

    I'm reading about the STAR method and about pge in general, and writing down why I want to be a lineman. Thanks!

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    I just did the phone thing. It was just basic questions. Good luck let me know how it went

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    Yeah, so I prepared for it for a couple of days and did it on Nov 13th. It went okay, but I wish that I read the job description again before the interview; I got flustered and got stumped on 1st question; what pre-apprentices do. I went over what I did in line school, but reading off the PGE job description would've been smarter.

    Since the phone screening was due on 17th, I assume they will take ~ 2 weeks to get back to us. Good luck to all of us that applied.

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    Ya. I did the same thing it's not the same talking to a machine. Got the email yesterday that I didn't get it.

  5. Default CDL A > Climbing Cert

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoGun88 View Post
    Ya. I did the same thing it's not the same talking to a machine. Got the email yesterday that I didn't get it.
    Same here, it was such a bummer. I wish that I could've at least gotten through physical to see what I'm capable of. oh well.

    So far I've applied to Cal/Nev JATC, and I have an interview at Mountain states on 3/9 coming up.

    I still don't have a CDL A (waiting for the federal grant to cover tuition), so that's not going to help much.

    I wish I knew about the importance of CDL A > climbing cert, so that I could've applied for the grant much earlier.

    oh well, hindsight.

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