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    Default I have never really seen arc and flash

    We always had the right tool: pick up macs, load buster, and clamp amp to calculate load. If we weren't in a situation to do it hot, we de energized source.

    I don't understand this flash gear that's mandated?

    i am trying to figure out how a government can make laws that no one wants? The properties that push this dumb stuff are going to get the real dumb people who need flash gear!

    Out of 1000 lineman I worked with, 2 were Freddy Kruegers. And they were dumb!

    rubber gloving will be so difficult to do anymore. It's going to revert back to the way we did it before.

    I have never yet to see lineman use a buck squeeze yet.

    As as far as that face shield, who thought of that dumb thing?

    was it a council of really dumb people who never did this before say that's a good idea!

    remember they pushed overshoes in the late 90s. Guys were tripping and falling all over. Then the extra 3 pounds on each foot ruins your knee tendons. They don't push those dumb things because they found they were paying a lot in work men's comp: by injury, plantar fasciitis and knee problems.

    When will their be realistic people in these positions. I met guys in all trades and they are getting hit hard. Especially oil and gas guys.

    Being well trained is never an answer for these people who mandate the dumbsshit!

    you have this big OSHA section in this big book, and whoever creates this big book says lets throw a big monkey wrench that you know this industry will hate.

    Who ho sits at the table for this and represents U.S.?

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