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    This is probably obvious, but remember that parking stands come in both insulated and grounded versions.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Orgnizdlbr View Post
    I wouldn't make or break three phase load with an elbow, number one its prohibited on our property, number two you have the feroresonance possibility. Sounds to me like your engineers need to find a spot to cut in switches with load break capability.
    Normally Labour, I'd agree with you on this but he did state it was 5kv. I am assuming 4800 or 4160. Very unlikely that either one of those voltages are victims of ferorenance, how ever depending on the amp load flash over and catastrophic failure are very possible. I'd go to the elbows--but only if they were load break--if that can't be done safely then blink the circuit and do exactly what you recommended. Cut in a GOAB or triple single do the work safely or continue to bat the stick around in the air and continue to pray as the fire rains down.

    Reading back on this OGB, I guess I actually agreed with you.

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    If the company won't change the switches, I would use the elbows too, as long as they are load break. They are designed to withstand it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob8210 View Post
    Just tell the boss those old chocolate boxes are cracked , and need to be replaced before they fail, causing an outage!
    We do this when ever we can. Sometimes they fall great distances out of the bucket, (by accident of course) and shatter (unfortunately) so that they don't get used on another job.

    Working for a small muni is very different from the situations that most of you guys seem to be from. The good news is, that our new substation is 98% complete and will be on line soon. It replaces a very old and neglected one. Thanks all for the advise!

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    Unless I missed a comment I was kinda curious if this was loop fed with a normal open anywhere? Also whats the line protection before the blades? If I understand it correctly the OH dead ends URD takes off feeding 3 commercial, and a few neighborhoods? If this isn't looped, that means any bad spot from the pole to the first tub would have everyone out. I would assume being even a small muni those commercial customers are a must to have on line. You'd think if they invested what they have in URD they would spring for somethin other than those blades or something to keep the meters spinning for those specific customers.

    On another note, I agree with working from the end back towards the line but I don't see a problem with pulling the elbows on any of these provided they are load break. Feroressonance is more likely to occur if you got little to no load coming out, and a lot more likely to occur at the dip than it is at the elbow. Given your voltage as well would lead me to believe you shouldn't be facing any.

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