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    so just how much traveling? i have a interview tomorrow morning and dont want to ask them because i dont want it to sound like im not really willing to travel... i just want to get an idea on just how much traveling there really is... i have friends out of neat as an app and they for the most part stay put besides the occasional travel to get in some time doing certain things... "Hot time and some Transmission stuff" I have a wife and a 7 month old to tag along with me from CA.... will i need to buy a 5th wheel and tramp for pretty much the whole time or i can get a house in the houston area and somewhat be home every night and get a smaller 5th wheel for when i go out of town sometimes or should i plan on doing large 5th wheel and plan on them them tramping with me the whole apprenticeship? any input would be appreciated.. thanks guys

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    man, just got my score back.... i got an 86.... i was worried cuz i was just getting over being sick and was a bit out of it in the interview.... i know 86 aint that great.. defenetly wont put me on top of the list but you think i got a chance with 86?

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    Hey man, can you keep updating us how the hiring process goes with local 66?

    I keep seeing on LinemanBarn page on facebook that they need a lot of grunts, but they never explain how quickly you are able to get a job.

    What's with all these f-ing people saying, "oh there's a shortage of lineman", "we are always short"

    but Not describing how difficult it is to even get started? Da fuq


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    well I received a offer letter yesterday.... start on the 28th!! it took two days from the interview to get results and a job offer.... in total from time of submitting my app its gonna b around 3.5-4 months.... they have stopped accepting applications till july though

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    Congrats man!

    You got 3 weeks to work out to get in shape before the work.

    So many questions
    1. Just curious, do you live in Houston/Texas?
    2. Are you gonna have to move ouf of state/look for a place to stay?
    3. Will the jobs be in Houston/city only?

    4. When you say that you applied, did you mean that you just signed the books, showed your climbing cert & CDL A?

    5. Any things that me or other newbies should know before heading down to Texas? So you will be a groundman, right?
    6. After 6 months ~ 1 year, do they offer lineman apprenticeship?

    Or is it just a groundman book? Thanks!

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    no i dont live in texas, im in california.. going to find a place after boot camp and move the family down here hopefully mid april... from what i here and am told 66 will be in houston and surrounding for the most part untill work gets slow then you travel a bit... when i applied you have to request a packet and they mail it out to you and you get all your documents together and send it in.. no i wont be a groundman... this is an apprenticeship... and i guess my advice to newbies is PATIENCE with finding a job!!! be ready to more than likely be turned down time after time, you will apply to at alot of places and either hear no response or get a generic "thank you for your interest, but bla bla bla" get ready to spend money to go to interviews, i think i spent around 4k just in going to interviews and testing... i graduated nlc in late 2011 and here I am now finally getting into an apprenticeship that i actually want.... i spent a year doing oilfield line work to get my foot in the door, then moved to NY to do linework for a year... after that we moved back trying to get in ca somewere well 2 years in ca and still had no apprenticeship.... over 4 years later after graduating nlc im in a place were i want to be... i wish i knew about swlcat when i graduated because id be a journeyman by now but oh well.... just 3.5 more years till i journey out now!! i think i answerd all your questions... good luck!!
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