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    Hey guys, new here. I have a question currently in a bind. Right now im working for AT&T on cell towers. I have done line work in past for AT&T. They are doing changes over nexts few years. My job is more than likely going to disappear. I could always go back to installing tv with them but, not sure that's what I want to do. I am not sure if I should stay with AT&T, ride this out and get back in school(I have 7 years with them) or take a pay cut, lose senority and start apprenticeship with power company here. They have offered me an apprentice lineman position. I am 29 have a wife with 2 kids. How secure is this position? I m looking for something secure and long term. Any advice is appreciated

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    Answer the call! There will always be a need for good powerlineman.

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    Oh man, i'm so jealous of you!

    You would be making bank as a lineman once you journey out!
    Everyone's gunning for the hard-sought apprenticeship and you are being unsure?

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