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  1. Default Is this thing safe or right?

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    Hello All.

    I have this buried High Voltage Transmission line going through my 10 acre property. It is written right into the deed.

    I discovered it awhile ago but not sure what to make of it.

    Could someone possibly tell me if it is safe or if it is supposed to be like this? How can I fix it?

    Thanks All,

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    It looks like at one time it was buried along with everything else in the picture. It doesn't hurt any thing the way it is, but you might call the power company who owns it to see if they can reroute it.

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    Looks like you are focusing more on the 2" piece of conduit with the sloppy run of cable tv.

    Never a transmission lineman but that other doo hickey looks like some kind of sewer/water concrete pipe, I don't know.

    As far as the 2" conduit goes, looks ok to me--don't see anything unsafe about it other than an eyesore.

    If that is the case on 10 acres, call it a day not worth your time--easement and all. Sure they'll relocate it @ your dime. If it's deemed "unsafe" they'll have to make it safe but I honestly don't see anything unsafe about it. Might be primary inside or a run of secondary I don't know the layout of your land.

    If you want make a trouble call and get someone out there, call in a flickering lights if that what it takes and just ask them if it's primary or secondary.
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    In short youcant fix it and shouldnt try tocouldput uour lites out permanantly

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    Could someone possibly tell me if it is safe or if it is supposed to be like this? How can I fix it?
    Looks to me like it may be single phase primary at the most, certainly not transmission. It also seems that there was some type of repair on it where the pvc meets the transite pipe, there's scotch tape there so I think the power co must have been there.....

    to answer your first question, according to NESC "National Electrical Safety Code" buried cable up to 30 kv in pvc pipe needs a minimum of 18" of cover, so no, it's not supposed to be like that. You can't fix it, call the utility, if they give you grief, send your pictures to the state public service commission or whatever it's called in your state.

    I agree with Tramp, looks like there was a washout that exposed the pipe.......
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    if it was any of your business you would know


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    seems you need to contact whoever owns that concrete drain and make them repair the hole. The conduit is no "transmission line"... at best it's a URD cable in side at distribution voltage.

    When you get the UTILTY company out to inspect this... they may be an ally and push the drainage owner to repair the cause of the wash out.

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