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    Default Helicopter tail rotor bump bars.

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    I've always wondered why helicopters used in linework don't have tail rotor protection. One of the biggest causes of helicopter incidents in linework seems to be the tail rotor clipping the lines and breaking, resulting in loss of control.

    While the full-on fenestron rotor shroud would seem like a good idea, is there any reason a simple thin vertical bump bar couldn't be put in front of each side (or just the main side) of the rotor to physically stop it clipping a line?

    If it was thin round bar stood proud of the rotor by about a foot then it shouldn't really interfere with airflow too much.

    If it worked it would be a simple add-on that helicopter manufacturers or service companies could fit specifically for linework duty.
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    We had a fatality in our state years ago when a lineman who was to patrol transmission lines walked into the rear rotor with his hood over his head, leaning into the wind.
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