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  1. Default How much travelling is involved with being a lineman?

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    I have been interested in being a lineman for quite a while. I have always been attracted to the type of job it is and the level of responsibility it carries. However, I recently found out that relocating for work is common AND there is a lot of travelling involved once you get a job. Hearing these claims worried me because I am very adamant on staying in my current area in California and getting a job with the city or a local electric company, and I would like to stay closer to home with limited travelling for my career due to family. Are these claims true? Does anyone here have any advice? There is a lineman school closer to where I live which helps, but I am still worried about what is to come after that. There are some lineman and electrical substation jobs in my area as well, but that does not mean that they will be there later. I am still very interested in pursuing this career, but I am just not sure it is right for me because of the travelling and relocation aspects. What do you guys think?

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    Getting a job with your local utility company is the holy grail of people with families, and certainly worth asking about. But there's much less chance of that than getting a job with a bigger company covering a larger area. Unfortunately, linework like most other trades does involve a lot of travel.

    Lineschools are a last resort if you can't get an apprenticeship or labouring job with a company. They cost a lot and carry no guarantee of employment.

    There's absolutely no harm in popping into the offices of your local power company and asking for their advice in this regard.
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