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  1. Default DBI-Sala arc flash harness large. 1113317 Never used, perfect condition. Make offer.

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    This harness has been sold...sorry, not sure how to delete or mark this item as sold.

    This is a beautiful DBI-Sala Exofit NEX harness in perfect condition. It has never been used. This harness sells from anywhere between $860 and $1100 on the internet. It isnt an inexpensive harness, but it is a great investment in your career and your health and safety.

    It was designed to protect the worker from falls, loss of circulation, excessive heat, discomfort, and most importantly arc flash and other electrical hazards.

    All metal components are constructed in a way in which the worker is insulated electrically from them. In addition all three D-rings (1 back and 2 side) are pvc coated aluminum to remove the risk of conducting electricity.

    Also, all metal components are backed with a piece of leather to provide insulation and added comfort.

    The waist band is a traditional buckle with leather backing. The chest and two leg buckles are quick connect style with easy to use spinning lock mechanism. The leg and chest buckles are rated at 3372 lbs each and the locking mechanisms come with easy to interpret lock and unlock logos to make sure you are confident that the straps are acually locked.

    The torso straps (Revolver vertical torso adjusters) each have an easy to use knob to adjust slack and tension. They are ergonomic and are designed to be used with one hand.

    This harness is sized Large.

    It comes with a label indicating its ansi 1739.11-2014 certification. The Label also indicates the model number (1113317), the manufacture date (8/2018), and Stds (b d g). The label is attached to the i-safe ID badge which is used to identify this unique harness and assist in tracking its inspection, serial number and service history. Both The i-safe tag and the Label are protected by a rugged velcro and snap cover flap So they should always remain legible and intact.

    Other standards related to this harness are:
    OSHA 1910.140, OSHA 1926.502, 1910.66, ASTM F887-11

    The harness is built with strength and safety in mind. The back d-ring is rated for 25kN of force. There are plenty of shockload/impact indicators built into the harness. There is contrasting colored stitching all over the harness. If That stitching is damaged, it indicates that the harness has either experienced a shock load or serious abrasion at that location. There are also rip-stitch indicators. Those are areas of webbing in which a fold was created and multiple layers of webbing were bunched together. If a large enough shockload event occured, the stitching would rip and the multiple layers would pull apart as a visual indicator that the harness has been compromised. It is a very easy harness to inspect for damage.

    This harness doesnt want to tangle like lower priced examples. The back d-ring is spring loaded so that it wants to remain in the up position to make attaching to a lifeline extremely simple. The harness itself also wants to keep its shape. You can get into this harness with much greater speed and ease than most other harnesses and it provides simple and robust adjustment methods to provide the user with a perfect, comfortable fit.

    The harness has reflective elements for added safety to make sure that the user is easily visible by his attendant or first response team.

    On either side of the harness is a velcro pouch containing suspension trauma straps. these straps are an important safety feature. If a worker were to fall and find himself hanging from the harness, the leg straps could cut off circulation and cause blood to pool in the legs resulting in the worker losing consciousness. In the event of a fall, the worker can open both velcro pouches. A strap will unroll from each side. The worker can clip both straps together and create a webbing loop that they can put their feet on and stand up on Allowing blood to flow freely throughout the body.

    Even though the straps provide safety relief to prevent circulation related issues after a fall, during normal operation this harness is designed to provide amazing levels of comfort. All weight bearing surfaces are extremely wide and very well padded. the back and legs straps and the webbing are made of Nomex core and Kevlar Lining. The harness is also designed and built with dry comfort material which helps minimize sweating and heat where the body is in contact with the harness.

    There are also lanyard loops to attach gear and tools to as well as a small snappable pocket to hold small tools with.

    This harness is one of the few harnesses out there specifically marketed as designed to protect from arc flash and other electrical hazards. The harness is arc flash rated, resistant to 40 cal/cm2 which makes it ideal for use around high voltage. It is an amazing tool. The trauma straps and webbing are all flame resistant.

    Ive tried to make sure that this listing is significantly cheaper than anywhere else on the internet. Hopefully my ad makes it to the right person who needs to wear a harness frequently in an electrically active environment. This probably isnt the harness for someone who does occasional confined space entry or work at heights. There are much more inexpensive options out there for those situations.

    I hope Ive covered everything. Let me know if I can answer any questions. Ill be sad to see it go, but I really dont need a harness of this caliber and someone else can get more use out of it than I ever could.

    If youre after this harness, please make me an offer and take it off my hands. Asking $750.

    Thank you for looking, work safely, and take care!
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