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    Working on going through/editing some training materials, and I'm looking for some more bastard banks linemen in the field might run into. Already got corner grounded and open wye-open wye (two and three pot), anyone got any others that might be helpful for new linemen?

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    I just was involved with an unusual bank, to me . It was replacing an old open delta bank, 4160/ 600. Also part of a conversion job. The new bank was 8000/13800/ 600 built with 8000/347 cans and the secondary side had a floating neutral. Any other conversion or bank change out, we would have replaced a 600v delta with a 347/600v bank and provided a neutral to the customer even if they didnít need it.

    A couple of years ago I ran into a bastard bank that had 2 cans feeding a 120/240v buss on one pole , and on the next pole was a single can feeding a separate 120v leg. Combined this was feeding a single 208v 3 phase service to a house with an elevator. The old utility call it a kicker bank.

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