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  1. Default Verifying Transformer Winding Configurations

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    I work on a GIS project for a major utilities company in the USA.

    We are currently going through the entire GIS database and performing validation checks and Virtual Walk Downs with photos of every pole.

    We are having trouble verifying certain errors, and I figured linemen would know better what to do.

    One error we are having, and sometimes on poles for which we do not yet have photos concerns the winding configurations of xfrs.

    These are the rules we are currently using:

    1 if the transformer installation includes only ONE tub, and if that tub is connected to one or two phases only, then the winding configuration should match the area. (If the area is "Delta" then we change the winding configuration for a transformer that is listed as "wye-wye" for instance, and vice versa)

    2. if the area is Wye, and only one conductor is connected to the xfrs, it must be wye-wye configuration

    3. if there are 2 tubs it is always open delta so long as it is not feeding two different secondaries.

    However, there are still situations we cannot confirm leading to many errors being thrown to an exceptions list.

    Is there any way we can know what the winding configurations must be based on knowing the voltage, the phases, and the number of tubs only?

    Is there a resource which would allow us to know from pictures what winding configurations are in the field?

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    The lineman that work for the major utility that you work for are you're best source of information, ask them.

  3. Default What I have so far...

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    If anyone wants to correct or info:

    Name:  Flow-Chart for Xfrs Winding Configurations.jpg
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