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    So about 6 months ago I tried with one of the line constructors unions , I had a lot on my plate personally and didnít expect the process to move so quick (applied and was working within a month), I tried to move, tried to get a travel trailer, mine worked out so I was staying out of a hotel and ran out of money, plus let my personal shit get to me and ended up dropping out of the program, I have two young kids which didnít make it easier. Well since then Iíve done some soul searching, got my stuff together, got a trailer and pickup, Iím prepared and ready now! Iíve applied to another jurisdiction since Iím not allowed to apply again to the same one within a year of quitting. Whatíre the odds of getting a second chance at this? Or is it usually a one and done kinda deal? I was told lineman are in huge demand now due to baby boomers starting to retire and not a lot of people are physically and mentally prepared fir this career.

    to help myself Iíve read books, talked to lineman, signed the books as a ground man, no luck yet but still just starting to try to get back in. Have a CDL, first aid, cpr, EMT, osha 10, safeland, oilfield experience and some construction labor experience.

    just was curious if itís likely to get a second chance even in another jurisdiction, Iím ready to rock this time and know what to expect. It wasnít easy but nothing worth having ever is. Iíve put some money away for tools also as I didnít have any last time.

    forgot to add I was never technically an apprentice just a pre apprentice ground laborer basically. Worked a week before I let it get to me, like I said mostly family stuff but the huge work culture change didnít help but Iím ready now and have been preparing.
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