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    Is there any other way to a obtain a journeyman lineman status other than going thru one of the apprenticeship programs (selcat, neat1968, albat, etc.) In the union world? When I say obtain, I don't just mean acquiring the status. I mean putting in the actual work and time it takes to become one. Powerline work can be very unforgiving, I know. I realise that there's a ton of time, work, and sacrifices that one will have to make to become a journeyman. I'm relatively new to the whole line world. Been working with a non union contractor for a little over a year as an equipment operator here in the south. I've been thinking really hard about trying to go union because everything I've been seeing and hearing, the union is much better, wages, insurance, retirement. Now with that being said, cut me some slack if I'm wrong about how the union works. I have no idea how it all works. I've done a ton of reading and still don't quite get it. I've even called some halls in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland because that's where I would be interested in working if at all possible and didn't really get any information. The people I spoke with were very rude. If no one wants to give me a ligitemate answer then please tell me where I can look to find my answers, as I've read these forums can get rather ugly lol.

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