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    Hey everyone has anyone ever interviewed twice for cal/nev and felt like it went worse then the 1st time I just interviewed and the committee basically acted like they wernt interested in you and to basically go apply at other jatc when I already have anyone ever gone through this?

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    I interview the same day, what was your rank? This was my first time applying.

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    Fuck man I didn't do so good I got 104 you?

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    This first batch of interviews bumped me down from #9 to #67. This is my second time, I applied back in 2016... Ranked #364 back then. It's been over a year this time around. And I missed a pole climbing class by 9 spots.

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    I went down all the way to #18 and when they started interviewing again last may I got bumped up all the way to ##215, but since I recently applied again I scored #104 they said this year was gonna be a lot busier then last year so hears hoping.

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    What experience do you guys have before you applied and interviewed? im a foreman in the 1245 doing power line clearance for Pg&E and hazard tree removals do you think they will recognize my experience and rank me at a decent spot ? Thanks I have my class a and am waiting to apply to the jatc cal nev. just curious if they care about tree climbing and power line clearance.
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