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    Im 30, i've always wanted to become a lineman but took a different opportunity and still haven't pulled the trigger to do it. Im currently a foreman level millwright in the natural gas industry. I'm willing to start all over as a grunt. I just don't want to leave a very good job to be running around to union halls applying for jobs that are given to people with zero experience and are only there for a paycheck. If anyone has info on contractors hiring grunts it would be much appreciated, all I need is an aopportunity to prove myself.

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    I was in the same boat as you buddy. Im 33 and was a head carpenter and rigger for tv shows and concerts. Ive been doing it for the past 10 years and was making around 110k a year but was sick of the work and the people so 10 months ago i decided to give it up amd go to northwest lineman college. I got offered a groundman job last month with one of the biggest companies in ca. Was supposed to start april 20th but got a call last week telling me my training is on hold because of this corona bullshit. I still habe the job i just have to wait to start which kinda sucks but its all good.
    All i can tell you is if you want it bad enough its not 2 late go get it!
    Good luck

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    Wow, thanks for the koment is very inspiring

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