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    Hey Charlie and Labor,

    I didnít pay any attention to the second picture. Now that I do , I see that gang switch you mentioned Charlie. I also noticed that bank feeds a 4 wire service. It also looks like those cans have 2 primary and 2 secondary bushings. I donít know the primary voltage but in my little world that bank would be feeding a 347/600v wye service. Now that would explain why the one primary bushing from each can would be tied together and should be grounded, itís hard to tell in the pictures. All our transformers come with a single primary bushing now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lineman North Florida View Post
    Rob, I saw that to but after looking a little closer at the pictures I believe there is an open set of group operated switches up above those cutouts , I ain't never really seen a setup quite like that and I am guessing that it could be a Delta bank and they use the group operated switches due to ferroresonance. We just hang a 4th cutout with a solid blade with the topside to the pole ground and the bottom to the floating neutral and close the solid blade temporarily grounding down the floating neutral until we can get all 3 fuses closed in and then we open the 4th cutout, but I've always heard that the same could be accomplished with a group operated switch, or three good lineman with pogo's and good timing.
    Hi - here's my understanding of what is there - please understand I may say things that are basic or a slightly inaccurate in terminology.

    High voltage feed to the top of the pole
    "Air Switch" - disconnect before the feed to the transformers. our contractor used that term so I assumed it may be a proper noun/tradename.
    480V output from pole transformers to our distribution inside where most of the usage is dropped down to 240v.

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