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    Cool Electrical Glove Testing

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    How do you ID label (tag) electrical glove rubbers in order to send in a qty of 30 of them that need to have the testing completed?

    I will be issuing tech's new sets, and want to track those as well with barcode/tag/label so that will indicate when they are due for testing: From what I was told by MAGID - I am allowed to use sharpie on the gloves but it will wash off in the acid wash during testing. So there is not a real typical way to permanately identify whose gloves are whose when they come back, and potientially how many times each set of rubbers has been sent in for testing (for procurement replacement justification purposes).
    Does anyone have any recommendations for a tried and true method for managing and tracking the glove testing on a glove ID itemized level?

    Thanks in advance

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    The company we used, Powerline Supply, in Michigan, created a unique ID for each employee. They created a stamp that went on the gloves and sleeves. We were able to track them that way.
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