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    Currently employed as a CATV Lineman and we often deal with hot lines.

    First question, more of a short story that I'd like some answers for.
    We had a build around Clarion, PA. The electrical setup was decades old to say the least and one pole in specific was extremely hot. The issue here is that Phone, and Comcast were both hot to the touch off our insulted tools however even after adding in a VGR connected to Top Line and grounded to both Phone and Comcast the line remained hot, and based on our Voltage Meters hotter than before we had one on, from what I remember the meter was reading above 200 volts on the bare strand. What would be the main cause of this and what would be a key indicator to see this ahead of time, My initial theory was the main insulator for the service wires was bad/ground had been damaged but we never figured out.

    Second question.
    We had another build where our main strand line and guy-wire were both hot even after having our lines bonded to the VGR in two separate locations completing the continuity bond. Is this simply the voltage passing through the bonds or was the Power VGR at the ground/acorn simply just gone bad?

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