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    I'm a senior in high school and i'm considering a career as a lineman or some other electrical distribution professional (substation electrician, relay electrician, ect.) but I've heard that lineman have to do a lot of traveling and living away from home. That is not the lifestyle I wanna carry out, especially if it continues ten or more years into my career. Is there any amount of work as a lineman that wouldn't require much travel ? If so, is the pay substantially lower ? Would I have to live in an urban area ? I'm applying to community colleges and tech schools so I have to have something in mind.

    If I didn't want to travel so much would I be better off doing a commercial / residential electrician program or an industrial electrical technician program than a lineman one ? Also, if i wanted to become a substation electrician or similar, would a lineman program be a good place to start ?

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    Try to get in with a utility. Most utilities have several different divisions such as Lineman, substation electrician, Metering etc. The area you are assigned is usually the area you would work in.

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    Like Tramp said, try to get hired at a Utility. The utility I worked at will pay for your college if you are accepted into the program. The candidates have to demonstrate they can climb and are comfortable working at high in the air. There are many applicants, 2 days of climbing tests with over 50 applicants each day, the company may accept 8 or 9 so it is extremely competitive. If that is the route you choose, try to find a lineman to teach you to climb because the guys who are accepted are the best on the poles.
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