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  1. Default Stationary work as a lineman ?

    I'm a senior in high school and i'm considering a career as a lineman or some other electrical distribution professional (substation electrician, relay electrician, ect.) but I've heard that lineman have to do a lot of traveling and living away from home. That is not the lifestyle I wanna carry out, especially if it continues ten or more years into my career. Is there any amount of work as a lineman that wouldn't require much travel ? If so, is the pay substantially lower ? Would I have to live in an urban area ? I'm applying to community colleges and tech schools so I have to have something in mind.

    If I didn't want to travel so much would I be better off doing a commercial / residential electrician program or an industrial electrical technician program than a lineman one ? Also, if i wanted to become a substation electrician or similar, would a lineman program be a good place to start ?

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