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    Hey, I'm new here and to the trade. I'm currently employed in the Marine Corps with about 9 months of service left. I'm very interested in this trade as it's engaging and active pretty much all the time. I know the hours get crazy which I'm perfectly alright with. My questions are these:

    1. With the varied brands of gear and climbing rigging, what are your personal favorites and why? Which brands should I shy away from and which would be good to get started with? Are climbing kits any good?

    2. With boots being one the most important things a lineman needs, custom fit ones make the most sense to get, in your experience, which custom shops were better quality, which features should I look for in a boot, (how tall should they be, steel shank, etc...)

    3. What is a good benchmark for fitness in your opinion? Essentially, what weight should I be able to haul up a pole consistently? I'm not a fan of benching, more functional calisthenics kind of workouts.

    4. Are there any books or courses you would recommend I read and brush up on to be more prepared for the trade? I know basic math is involved which is perfectly fine, I'm more talking about electrical theory and grid structure that would help me as an apprentice.

    5. Any last words of wisdom for a young guy getting into the trade?

    I appreciate your guy's time


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