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    Default City of tallahassee construction.

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    This is how the city of tallahassee's electric department builds their power lines. That a guy link in direct contact with an energized conductor. (7200) volts. Oh....and lookie...they put a guy guard on it to protect it!! Sure....that'll work!!

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    I can't make out enough from the picture to say, but usually they do good work, I have worked around them on storm work and never saw them do anything shady, also with them being a municipality they fall under the Florida Public Service Commission and if it's as you say that won't fly. It looks like open wire secondary that they used guy breakers as Johnny Balls, but like I said picture is not giving me the whole story.
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    Yeah not a very good picture. It does look like open wire secondary , with glass rods in proximity. If thatÂ’s the case, I donÂ’t see anything special to worry about. Oh yeah the guy guards are more for mechanical protection. Please provide a better picture.

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