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  1. Default NEAT to be placed list?

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    Not sure this forum is still alive but I'm reaching out where I can. I recently interviewed with NEAT, the interview went really well; I thought, and was told I'd receive an email. Well I got the email but I always assumed it would be like other apprenticeship programs and they'd let you know what number on the list you placed. Instead all I got was "to be placed". I understand they want to have the element of surprise coming to the drug testing, but if I'm low on the list this vague response gives me no feedback as to if I should get some more experience and request another interview in 6 months.
    Anyone here have only insight into how long NEAT typically takes to give you a call after being placed on the list? Just need some kind of ballpark so I'll know if I have to go back to the drawing board and do a second interview. Thanks mates.

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