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    crashdummie Guest

    Default Very interested in becoming a lineman, no schooling, no nothing

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    I have no job related skills, no secondary education, not even employed by a utility company. How can i start the ball in motion to become a power lineman; the quickest route.

    Is there some type of 4 month training program that could help me get a job as a power lineman? I can't afford to go to school for years just months as i get liad off in the winter time and could do a course then. I have a family to support aswell.

    Thank you very much

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    Hey man, there is no "quick route" to become a Lineman. It takes years of training and more time applying what you've learned to be a lineman. I just hope you're not just looking for a fat check, cause if it's not in you (linework) you're just asking for trouble, maybe even an early funeral. This is not a trade to be taken lightly. If you REALLY want in the trade go to the local union hall and inquire there. If you are accepted you'll find out in a hurry if it's for you or not. Good luck and remember you can't rush it.
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    newlinemen Guest

    Exclamation Looking for help

    hey,i am a young college kid going into the linemen carrer i was wondering which i should get into Power linemen or Powerlinemen technology, and what the difference is between the two i would also like to know if I need to go any higher than trig. in math

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    42linehand Guest


    You should go to the NJATC website and look at contact info. Call the closest one to you and then Apply. This is for union jobs. It wont cost you apenny and you will get paid while be trained. Be safe and good luck.

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    theicemanpon Guest

    Default want to be a lineman

    I am not a lineman yet but at 44 and married for 25 years i could sure tell you son in order to get something you have to pay the price.line work is a skill and 4 months of training will only get you from the truck to the ground and back on the truck when the job is done.I have talk to lineman of 30 year's and up to this day they don't know it all.So be patient and really think good and hard if this is what you want for the rest of your life.Local guys tell me about new hire's calling in every day untill they get fired becouse they are scare of the job.It takes .5 (that is half of an amp)to stop your heart for ever;imagine a line carriyng 3000 amp's plus.


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    old greyhair Guest

    Default So you want to be a lineman

    First thing is to contact the local IBEW in your area, go out as a grunt and see what its all about. If you are willing to put 4 years into the program then it might be for you, lots of long hours crap weather and some of the best people youll ever meet. Good luck

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    just say no Guest


    are you nuts???? look and read how these companys treat there employees..cutting bennies,no personal life better realley think about it...

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    Default jobs

    depends on were your at .but for what its worth dayton power and light is highering off the street and so is duke or ohio edison in springfield ohio ;;dont be discouraged every one starts somewhere......scammy also dont listen to all the neysayers they arent quittin their jobs are they ,still is a great job.
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    lwlineman Guest

    Exclamation take your time,don't rush it

    Powerline work is a very interesting job with good pay. But you need to take your time and don't rush it. There is no fast way to the top, it takes lots of time and hard work. Always pay attention, and ask ?'s , the only dumb ? is the one you didn't ask. Never tell someone you are a lineman, if you know in your mind that your not, just to draw a good check.Remember the money is not worth your life. Good luck and stay safe!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default dont do it

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    Do yourself a favor and get into another field of work. This is trade is going to shit thanks to all these mega power companies busting unions and treating lineman like children. Trust me its not all its cracked up to be.

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