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Thread: Things I Build

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    Default Things I Build

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    Here are just a few more things that are coming out of the shop.
    I am always looking for new customers. Hint Hint.
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    Those are great CH!!! Me like'em.

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    Thanks LA.
    Here is a clock that will go to my next craft show.
    pics are from start to finish.
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    Really cool! You have a wonderful talent and you are USING it! That is good!

    So, did you come up with these ideas yourself? And creating them?

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    Default turning exotic wood into dust

    Ya pretty much, sometimes I will see a pic in one of my woodworkig nags and then start from there.
    I just got back in from the shop it is late everyone is in bed and here is my newest creation.Maybe someone will buy something like this.
    The checkerboard end grain board is for a customer on the east coast.
    I am kind of liking the sign boards it is more personal.
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    I am gonna build a cutting board with "SWAMPRAT" on it and then you will have to buy it.
    Seriously thank you for your compliment.

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    Hey Chicago. Ever come across the Sawstop?

    If you slip or get distracted then it won't cut fingers off.
    Portable defibrillators were first invented to save the lives of linemen. Where's yours?

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    I have seen it demonstrated . Not a bad saw but i already spent enough on a table saw.
    If I ever upgrade i might give it a closer look.

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    Two thing's that I just finished.
    The pen is for a client who has ordered 15 and we wanted to see how engraving the pen with his company logo would look color filled with silver.
    I think it came out perfect, anyone want something like that done with there name or such let me know I can do it.
    Also this board goes out to the east coast thursday. I think it came out pretty good and am glad it is done, man was that nerve racking.
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    Smile Time to make money

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    One of the crew leaders got this clock for Christmas.
    It is the kind that shines the time on the wall or ceiling and it would not stay upright when fumbling for the snooze.
    So here is the beginning of a prototype base plate.
    The lidded box was made by me to hold ear plugs but after setting it next to the clock it became apparent that the clock is to small.

    Making a lidded box on a lathe is something new to me.
    It is not as easy as it may look.
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