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    Went on an ice storm In Greenville Mississippi once n stayed on some kinda barge with livin quarters on it. On each deck there were rows of rooms on each side...... each furnished with 2 or 3 bunkbeds and a community bathroom linked one side to the other. As I said it was a barge and wasnt exacty level so the people who had the pleasure of sleeping on the low side awoke to a few inches of water on their floor if the guys on the high side showered first. seems the shower had no lip or not enough lip to contain the runoff. Talk about cold feet first rattle outta the box. We were told to count our blessings cause lottsa guys were sleepin on church pews and had no showers.Never have cared for ice storms since.
    Yea I remember sleeping on kiddie mattresses in a gym with no pillows or covers or showers or heat. You slept in your coveralls and boots and used a jacket or something for a pillow. The mattresses ended at about my knees and I'm only 6' tall.

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    I stayed at one of those two story motels in the usual U-shape layout, about a year and a half ago outside San Francisco. Had an in-wall gas heater, you had to bang on the gas valve every hour or so to get the burner to light. Had leaky single pane double hung windows, wind blowing the curtains all night long. Sorry, Clive, but someone stole the TV, and there wasn't enough room for the table by the window, let alone a second bed. Just one bed and a furry overstuffed chair in the corner. The sink was hanging from chains, and the shower only got warm after about ten minutes, by which time the bathroom would be flooded, since the door had about a four inch gap at the bottom. The door to the room rattled with the wind and other people slamming doors. Women working the joint all night long, the "do not disturb" sign just made them knock more often. Cops in and out of the place all night long, usually they would just head right to a room and haul someone away, in and out in five minutes. I didn't want to know what was on the carpet, and kept my stuff on the table where the TV should have been, they had one of those little portable TVs for a replacement. Came back to the room early one afternoon after getting rained out, only to find water running out the door. Turns out someone on the second floor smashed their toilet and flooded their room, along with mine. Fortunately, the lock was so cheesy that I packed my stuff out every morning when I left, so my stuff didn't get soaked. They moved me to another room on the second floor, like they were doing me a big favor by giving me a different room. I moved to the joint across the street the following week, and that place made me appreciate this one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tramp67 View Post
    I moved to the joint across the street the following week, and that place made me appreciate this one!
    LOL! I liked how the Boss always replied to my question when he returned home after a two week absence. I always asked him(still do but it's "day" now), "How was your week(s) dear?" He would sigh and then say, "You really do not want to know dear."

    Now the replies could be different on any given day and he talks more about work now. I think back then, he was just glad to be home. My husband is a homeboy. He rarely goes off these days, except to go fishing or help someone---mostly other friends---who are his co-workers. Which I think is pretty cool. Once you have secured ties with my husband, you have them for life.

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    Another downside to people sharing rooms... Snoring!

    I once shared a room with a coworker who was so loud that I could have sworn he was snoring out both ends.

    It was always a race to try to get to sleep before him, because once he started it was hard to sleep at all.
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    The thing that works on a loud snorer, is to give him a wet kiss just before he dozes off. Supposed to keep him wide eyed for a long time.

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    I actually stayed at a good one for awhile. When I was working in Worcester Mass the company I worked for put us up in a hotel with free beer in the bar every night. The girl would give you a napkin and make marks on it. You were only supposed to be able to have six, but we always just picked up a new napkin and made a single mark with a sharpee. I know they lost money on the deal, and I lost a good number of brain cells.

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    I found out a trusted hotel amenities supplier, thought to share In this thread.

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    2022 storm I think it was in Massachusset , I had a spider in the bathroom the size of egg ! afterwhile needless to say I slept almost with my boots on ! Then the year covid was raging and the same state that I"m sure of the military camp in cape cod ...during the covid time 4 per room and no AC ..we went to the cafeteria to get dinner ...I think the cook must have open two cans of greenbeans and the other of this thing that looked like chicken and empty it on a plate ..that was it !

    I don't know why these rich states treat us that way ...while we go to Detroit and are treated as kings in close to 4 stars hotels lol

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