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    Default Handling hot primary (12kv) in a jib wire head

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    I work for a contractor in Florida. Our safety department has recently started busting our balls about putting a line hose on a hot phase before putting it into the wire head. Everyone knows a class 3 hose on 795 aaac is a tight fit in a wire head. The hose doesn't roll through the head as its designed to do. The hoses get pinched and chewed up. Its rediculous. We handle hot primary in a bare wire head every day with no problem. We put a hose on either side of the jib and move the wire. If we need to get close to the pole we throw a blanket over the jib head. I cant find anything on the internet to fight back with. Any suggestions?

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    Default Wire Head

    I'm assuming you're talking a head with rollers and a door that'll open and close to lock the wire in. At FPL they are hung up on using a "Shepard's Hook". Using a Shepard Hook it is no problem to use a gut moving wire. Some companies are hung up an Open Hook policy.Maybe you can talk them into that method. Just an alternative procedure you can recomend.You have to be more careful on your intial setup though as the hook is more fixed as the head you are describing ,even more so on angles.

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    Seems to me that letting them look at a few of those chewed up guts would be all the argument you would need, those are your life and they dont need to be abused like that. Put a little silicone switch lubricant on those guts they will jump on that 795 been doing it for years.

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    are you using an insulated link stick on the end of your jib line? with the link stick I see no need for the line hose

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    We have been using the shepherd hook for years and works great. The hook is fixed to the end of the jib or we can use a rollerhead as well on hard angles or long transfers. We also use it on 19.9kv with the jib out enough for clearance to stick with it. We lay bare wire right in it.

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    we have a little block with a door that opens and we just throw it in that, or we use a link stick, The block is really good for moving the messanger on hendrix cable, not that this is the issue here, but it works great for it....

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    That safety man wouldn't be the boss's nephew or such would he? Doesn't sound like an ex lineman.

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    We work up to 44 kv & we have it in our jib all the time . You can only use hard cover up & that will not fit in the jib head. We have to have 4' min of jib out when working it. I do not see the problem with 12 kv in the jib un covered as long as you have the jib pinned out properly.

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    We have both roller heads and jib hooks. We use them on voltages up to 35kv. I've actually been chewed out for putting hose in a jib hook, because it will chew it up. I can't think of any incidents that we have had using this method. I think your safety guy is all wet.

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    Sounds to me like you are already doing it right. Your safety guy work at wal mart for his last job!

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