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    So I start school this monday, pretty nervous but excited at the same time. any tips from guys that have gone to nlc or any school for that matter? and if you know where are most of the graduates going for work?

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    Not sure how long that school is but if your going to climb every day and have never climbed before, as weird as it sounds shave your legs from the calf down because all the hair is going to do is create friction and cause blisters. The only thing else I have to say is give it all you have and shine above and better than anyone in the class if you can and you will be greatly rewarded being top notch in the class! If you get a chance look up a union school you have to pay nothing and get paid to go to there climbing school. I did the college thing and can honestly say if I knew about the union apprenticeship I wouldn't even have paid my hard earned money to go to a school. But do what you want....

    UNION TILL I DIE......

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    if asked to do something repeat it back for confirmation and jog or run to do it.
    be a good listener.
    dont talk back or say "i know".
    ask lots of questions.
    take alot of notes.
    be the first one on the pole.
    when theres guys standing around bs'ing or in the shade, be on the pole practicing or learning material or tools or knots.
    dont give up, show motivation, drive, work ethic.
    dont be the guy that fails a piss test or gets a dui.
    study as much as you can and get as much climbing in as possible. 15 weeks goes by fast.
    be a leader.
    dont be texting or on the phone.
    dont get tardies or absents.
    dont go to school with a hangover.

    most of that also goes for when you enter the trade and throughout your apprenticeship.

    and when you get in the trade dont ever tell a lineman that you went to school.

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    Just hired 10 in Texas at power company. Texas Elc ( contractor) has hired 7 or 8. I was told its a 5 month school around 10 K to go

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