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    Jim , Journeyman, been in the trade 22 plus years both contractor and utility, and luv every min. of it. hate the company I work fore but i'm home everynight night while my kids are growing up , and they are almost there. would like nothing better then heading back out on the road I miss it!!!!!!

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    been in the industry since 04', took alittle while to figure out the process. so i'm just now a legitamate third year apprentice. worked in the ohio valley to the flat lands of idaho to southern new mexico, now in the rockies. still looking for that company that's doing the type of linework i got in the industry for. not sure where that will take me but, learning invaluable lessons along the way. can't think of anything i'd rather be doing, go bucks!

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    Lets see Ive been ahhh , well uhhh, no can't put that here. Ive been called a..... , nope not that either ! I have done some linework for the same utility the past 30 years so I guess thats about it.


    PS " what a long strange trip its been ! "

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    JYL Life Long Tramp
    Mostly High Line Construction 32 years Home. Amarillo, TX, Local 602 Friends call me JB

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    I'm just happy to be able to... participate in ANY conversation on "LINEWORK".[/QUOTE]


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    I'm pushing 40 years for the same Utility. Started Jan 1970 as a lineman, cause I needed a job to feed my family, did that for three years then got in meter and service which I found to be not my cup of tea, took a job as a Troubleshooter and stayed there for 13 years, best job I ever had, took the next step up to be a dispatcher and did that for 11 years, they made that a management job and that ended my union affilation but it opened a door for me as a technical trainer and I've been doing that ever since, some 12 years now. I enjoy helping young people learn to do this job safely, I think I'll be pulling the plug next summer God willing. Getting to be time to move on.

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    3rd step MO Valley apprentice. Line clearance tree guy for 10yrs (to long). Worked my ass. off getting into the apprenticeship not knowing anyone. Doing what I've wanted to do for a long time now. Union whole time.

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    LAMartin, I am a Journeyman Lineman for--yep you guessed it--CVEC. I work in Division III in Palmyra, Va. I have been here at the co-op for almost 6 years now but had worked as a contractor for 11 years prior to. I have a mixed background that includes transmission,substation and distribution. I am strictly a REC lineman now but I will never limit my options. I strive to better my self trough any training opportunity that arrives whether it be formal, though interaction with my direct supervision, or with interaction with other Journeymen. I take my craft very seriously however, I try to enjoy it also!

    I toughly enjoy this site and enjoy reading posts from many of you. There is alot of knowledge that can be gleaned from here and I do my best to learn from that as well.

    thank you gentlemen for your insight and work safely,


    Journeyman CVEC
    There's no such thing as "The End Of The Line!"

    If you think you are worth what you know, you are very wrong. Your knowledge today does not have much value beyond a couple of years. Your value is what you can learn and how easily you can adapt to the changes this profession brings so often. -- Jose M. Aguilar

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    Quote Originally Posted by lineman2011 View Post
    3rd step MO Valley apprentice. Line clearance tree guy for 10yrs (to long). Worked my ass. off getting into the apprenticeship not knowing anyone. Doing what I've wanted to do for a long time now. Union whole time.
    I started out as a "wood-tick". I worked for Asplundh for 12 years before I got into MoValley in Minneapolis. Like you say, I spent years watching Linemen and wanting to be one.....Now I are one! Boomed around the country for the contractors, but now I work for Alliant Energy as a service rep (rural troubleman)....hence the origin of my user name (though swamp and scamp have thought I might like to borrow their little blue pills ). I miss the "big jobs" (and the "big money"), but being home everynight with my family is PRICELESS!

    Send me a PM if I can be of any help, Little Brother.

    A piece of advice......not everything you read on here is worth your time--listen to your JL and ask questions in class.

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    Well lets see. Navy taught me the trade in 1979. (Seabees) Since then I've clum sum, dug sum, hung sum, burned sum, strung sum, staked sum, and built sum.

    Worked for Empire Electric in Co. Boomed for Anderson and Wood. Taught for NRECA. worked all over the world.



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