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    there may be more ibew union halls in your area but youll have to call and find out which one is your outside line local. applying to selcat or any other ajatc would be a great start.

    spread the word
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotrod View Post
    Sounds to good to be true... Just doin linework?

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    Quote Originally Posted by electric squirrel View Post
    You forgot to tell him Scratch, he'll get make 100K just by coming to work! Last year I pushed 200k, but that was a good year.
    Oh yeah, and he can buy new clothes, one's that don't smell like cheese!
    Don't think so.

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    I dont know why this one caught my eye.....but the answer is really simple.....they werent thinking,never have actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reppy007 View Post
    I dont know why this one caught my eye
    I certainly do.
    You're tryin to instigate, and you're baitin.

    All MY posts from that thread have been deleted. And most of the posters replys that are there are banned. Did That "catch your eye"? Yeah...I wonder why that thread "caught your eye".....tool.

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    Ummmmmmm I am gonna hafta agree with Swomprat on this un. When we go to dragging up 4 n 5 yr old stuff n then makin a non flatterin comment it is gonna cause trouble n those of us that have stuck round here really dont want that.I reckon everbody is free to say their peice but ummmmm geeze ona 4 yr old peice????

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    sorry swamp,I never look at dates,my mistake

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    Iv read over this thread and have to ask some advise. I'm new to this forum and to line work. I graduated and did very well at a line school and now doing great at a non-union company working Transmission in VA/MD area. I live in the northeast and am currently on the NEAT waiting list. My goal is to go UNION! To be closer to home and to learn line work the right way. . . I will continue to keep pushing for the union but if things dont work out I need to have a back up. There are a couple local non-union co-ops that only hire JL. So here is where I need some advise. Transmission apprenticeship with my current company wont cut it, it looks like I'm going to need to switch to distribution. For me in my area, finding a non-union distribution company is hard to find for a new guy. So would joining Pike to gain distribution experience be a good move? Or am I stuck working transmission out of state until NEAT calls me?

    My family and I will appreciate any advise and or information!

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    Default What you can do WyeXfer101

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    Go to the Pike yard and talk to some of the guys get some input.
    Ask if you can observe from a distance at the job site and see how
    they handle their work. It's 2020 things may have improved.

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