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Thread: Storm Death???

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    rusty Guest

    Question Storm Death???

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    Brothers and Sisters,

    I recieved a call last night of a death of one of our Brothers working on the storm damage. I lost the connection before I could get anymore info??? Don't know, who, where, how, NOTHING! I don't believe this is a prank. It would seem our worst fears have come true again!!!!

    Anybody heard anything????

    Families, Lives, Limbs and SAFETY " BEFORE " production, bonuses and profits!


    Rusty White 817-253-1358

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    powerlineman09 Guest


    Another Pike in South Alabama. When will it stop? Another dollar for a life in Mt. Airy. Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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    T.Rodgers Guest


    I hear he was killed from back feed from a generator hooked up incorrectly, it was in Flomoton, Al. Our prayers are with his family and co-workers.
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    Rotahand Guest


    This is no prank. The lineman killed yesterday was working for Pike Electric and picked up a line that was connected to someones house that hooked up a generator and did not disconnect from the distribution system. The linemans name was Ronnie Adams, age unknown. He had two children and a wife. As far as I know he was from Louisiana. They are trying to set up a fund for his family, but nothing I have heard of yet. I will let yall know more as I hear of it. I wish they would really teach folks the proper connection of generators, this was a really tragic and preventable accident. Stay Safe and think about it before you do it.

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    There is no way we can teach laymen the proper use of generators.

    The only thing we can do is treat wire as if hot untill grounded.

    Pike has quite a few deaths on their hands.

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    just say no Guest

    Default wake up

    any one who works for that rat fu@k piece of shit contractor better stop and realize that company is killing lineman.i know i ride you rat lineman pretty hard.but you guys have famileys,children and are trying to make a living....but enough is enough...its time for you guys to get together and put a stop to this...wheather its organizing or whatever,do something.cause i can assure you,they don't give two shits about you..and i'm getting real tired of reading about "PIKE" lineman getting mamed or killed......

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    rusty Guest


    Brother Crip posted this on another board.
    It happend in Flomaton, AL. and the guy was from Winterville, GA.


    Utility crewman in hurricane recovery dies working on power line

    A Georgia man died while working with a utility crew restoring electrical service to Flomaton following Hurricane Dennis.(FLOMATON, Ala.-AP) July 13 --

    Police said 41-year-old Ronnie Allen Adams Junior, ofWinterville, Georgia, died yesterday afternoon.

    Adams, who worked for Pike Electric, Incorporated, of MountAiry, North Carolina, was in a bucket truck working on power lines when he slumped over.

    In a statement, Flomaton Police Chief Mike Lambert saysco-workers attempted to revive Adams with C-P-R. Adams wasairlifted to Jay Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 5:44 p.m. Tuesday.

    Cause of death was not immediately determined. An autopsy is planned by the Escambia County, Florida, Medical Examiners Office.

    Flomaton police and officials from Alabama Power Company are investigating.

    Dennis made landfall Sunday between Pensacola and Navarre Beach. Flomaton was one of the inland cities damaged by the storm.

    (Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

    Our prayers are with the family!!!

    The only way this will ever turn around, is when we stand together and demand it! The only thing that will cause that, is when real safety cost less than facing our Brothers lovedones!!!! PLEASE, have a plan, and demand justice!!!!!

    Famiies, Lives, Limbs and SAFETY " BEFORE " production, bonuses and profits


    Rusty White

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    Baton Rouge ,La

    Default More info

    Go to the Mobile Register website it has a bit more info.Guys this was a situation that absolutly didnt have to take place.The same set up that happened to me and my guys down in Golden Meadow,La. last week after TS Cindy. We opened up all the transformer fuses to kill the back feed that was on the line.It didnt take but maybe 15 to 20 min. more. And everyone got to go home .Please when your out there workin after a storm Look it over REAL GOOD and LISTEN for those generators. Open up all the potential sources and test and ground everything.


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    m_kohner Guest


    another safety tip notify customers on the affected tap you are on that the power company is there restoring power, i was working toronado damage a while back a customer had a generator in a garage back feeding through a 220 volt dryer recptace exhauste going through the dryer vent we were 1 home down repairing the broken primary made all connections had the cut out open and when we closed guessed it....... a nice quiet honda generator in a garage. no one injured, all the customer had to do is kill the main disconnect.....take care be safe......P.S. I drug up from pike today for some of my own less pike

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    powerlineman09 Guest


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    Quote Originally Posted by m_kohner
    P.S. I drug up from pike today for some of my own less pike

    Good choice. Best call you could've made.

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