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    Hello, I am new to this site an was wondering if I could get some feedback. I just sent in my application for the NW LINE JATC and am very excited to get the ball rolling. I was told to wait for the June interviews as opposed to the March by a few who have gone through the program so thats my plan. Just was wondering what to expect at interviews? Also I was told to plan on getting a travel trailer so that I am moble to work anywhere, has anyone gone through this or have you had the luck of staying in one general area throughout your apprenticship? I was told companies keep apprentices for about six months at a time, true/false? I have been doing electrical work for a few years now and have 4000+ hours including my last job which I was an apprentice for a traffic signal company which went under. So I have outside electrical experience, can run heavy equipment, class a cdl w/ tanker, flagger/cpr first aid card and im on the out of work list for groundsman. Does anyone have any imput on anything else I could get under my belt to make myself more marketable for interview? Thanks for all who give me imput, much appreciated.

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    Don't get ahead of yourself. Get the interview, Get excepted, and then worry about where the job is how much they move you around.
    Do you have any idea the expense of a travel trailer (Parking, fuel, propane, Tags, and insurance) and the cost of trailer and truck.
    You don't say where you are located. But the Class schedules for NW JATC and some phone numbers are listed in the following link, and see if you can set in on a local class and meet the local apprentices.

    Nothing wrong in posting here, but if you want answers, post this in Apprentices & Wannabees. There are tons of answers there.
    Invest in a Copy :
    Lineman's & Cableman's Handbook 11th EDITION

    Study the book take the test
    One last thing PM ScratchPad. Sharp kid out of local 1245. Ask him these questions. He has helped other WANNABEES
    Why did the first electrical workers feel the need to Unionize? To give you something to rail against? No. Because there was a 50% mortality rate in the business. Safety! IT IS STILL TRUE TODAY!

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