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    Talking ET's. Electrical Teasers. I bet I can measure 3300 volts with a walmart DVM.

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    3300 volts is pretty but with a good hand held fancy named DVM I have measured up to 6600 volts. My only disclaimer is don't get killed trying what you don't understand.

    How do I do it?

    I prefer to make my own matched to the meter in my hand.

    And I never really hold the meter in my hand when making a measurement.

    I have done it on 2KA systems in the good old days.

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    I have no idea why you would want to be experimenting with high voltage meters. We are only allowed to use volt meters or amp meters designed for primary. When it comes to secondary we can only use a meter that has a minimum "cat lll " rating we can not just go to any hardware store & use any off the shelf meter.

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    Default We are in General B.S. Sir.

    Not in the Line Work Thread.

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    If it's by contact then it'll be a resistive divider based on the meters input impedance. (typically 10Mohm). The probe will probably consist of a LOT of resistors in series in a well insulated tube.
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    Big Clive gets the internet cookie. You are correct.

    A 10 Meg meter impedance is pretty common, Put 9 10 meg resistors in series with the meter and it becomes a divide by 10 voltage divider.

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