Hastings’ Tel-O-Pole II® Provides Lineworkers Peace of Mind Featured

HASTINGS, Mich.— Hastings Hot Line Tools and Equipment understands that every day has thepotential to bring the unexpected to lineworkers. That is why Hastings designs every product, includingour Tel-O-Pole II®, with safety in mind.

The unique triangular and “no twist” design of Hastings’ heavy duty Tel-O-Pole II® enables eachsection to lock in automatically. With no need to look for the button, lineworkers can open and closedisconnect switches, replace fuses on transformers, and prune trees with peace of mind.

The pole’s ergonomic design allows the lineworker a better grip and better control. Sections can beremoved or added to reach the desired pole length as well.

This product can be found on page 101 of Hastings’ online catalog.

For more information, call (269) 945-9541 or visit www.hfgp.com.Hastings is a world-class manufacturer of fiberglass products and tools for the electrical power andcommunications industries. Since 1959, Hastings has pioneered design and fabrication of hot line toolsto withstand today’s toughest field conditions. With a passionate commitment to innovation, Hastingsproducts make the job safer and easier.