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ARGO Sasquatch Exceeds First Impressions Featured

(NEW HAMBURG, October 26, 2023) — ARGO, manufacturer of ATVs, SSVs, UGVs and the worldwide leader for amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs) wholeheartedly believes that “you only get one chance to make a first impression” by bringing in their top commercial dealers for the first opportunity to drive the all-new Sasquatch. And it did not disappoint.

ARGO commercial dealers from North America assembled at their US facility to jump behind the wheel of the highly-anticipated, technologically advanced, ARGO Sasquatch XTX. The adventure started with a hands-on informational walkaround of the machine lead by the engineering team behind this modern marvel and then capped off the event with a full day at ARGO’s testing facility showcasing many scenarios to put the Sasquatch through the paces. The weather even decided to cooperate by being cold and rainy to demonstrate the true comforts of the ultra-quiet, QX4 crew cab.

After spending time with dealers and hearing what they had to say, President and CEO Brad Darling commented, “This event provided positive feedback that is a true testament to our experience and knowledge earned over 55 years of leading the amphibious offroad category. That, combined with a dedicated team pushed by their enthusiasm, has resulted in the creation of the most comfortable, reliable and capable machine on the market.”

ARGO released the first in a series of videos showcasing what a commercial amphibious offroad vehicle should be with the first impressions of the Sasquatch XTX. “There’s no way I should be doing this”, “it gives you a confidence that nothing else out there can do” and “handles way better than I could have even imagined” are just a few of statements that could be heard after driving the Sasquatch. This series of videos will be released on the ARGO XTV YouTube channel and promoted via their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram channels.

For more information on the ARGO Sasquatch and their full line of commercial vehicles that improve productivity, increase safety, and reduce operation costs, follow ARGO on their social media channels and visit